Reach out to a bigger and highly engaged audience

With our service you will grow organic followers and experience engagement on a whole new level. You focus on your content and brand, we take care of the rest.

Targeted followers

By using advanced machine learning methods we find highly targeted potential followers that match your requirements regarding interest, demographics and age.

Organic growth

Our experts grow your account using proven methods. By manually interacting with your potential followers we draw their attention and thereby organically grow your number of followers.

Increased engagement

By interacting with your already existing community we are able to increase your engagement.

Hashtag analysis

We analyze the current trends and thereby find suitable hashtags for you. We make suggestions so that you can tag your content in the best possible way and this maximize your reach and organic growth.

Direct messaging

It is a great way to welcome you new follower, just showing gratitude or even informing them about for example a new product or coupon code.

Result measurement

In your personal dashboard you have access to a detailed overview of the performance of your account.


Our Instagram growth service delivers great value without being too complicated. It only takes a few steps. After a quick registration we will take over and guide you through the process. Our experienced social media marketing experts are available 24/7 through prioritized e-mail support. With our intelligent and self-explanatory form, it is child's play to collect the necessary data to setup your individual service. You are only a few clicks away from growing your Instagram and boost your brand.


During the sign-up process you have to provide some information regarding your Instagram account. You will then be asked about your account goals and your target audience.


We analyze the provided information and perform our proven research methods, narrowing down the exact target audience you are looking for to ensure maximum organic growth.


We start driving traffic to your account by engaging with highly targeted follower. You will start noticing an increase in organic growth day by day.


We continuously analyze the growth of your account to optimize results. You just have to lean back and watch your account grow!

Find your industry

We have the experience to grow your audience and sales in every industry or niche. Our social media and Instagram experts have carried out large number of projects in several fields such as traveling, sports, food or consumer products. We maintain constant contact with leading experts and influencers in the field and analyse trends to create and optimize the most successful strategies. We do all this hard work so we can make an honest offer that we can back 110%. Let's work together to identify the ideal approach for your industry and create the visibility on Instagram that you deserve.

Gaming & streaming

We are gamer ourselves and deeply connected in the communities like DOTA or CS:GO.

Products & gadgets

Among our experts, there are successful tech bloggers and professional product reviewer.

Sports & fitness

We have great experience in this field and already boosted accounts of athletes.

Food & restaurants

Restaurants and food companies were able to attract attention on Instagram through our service

Travel & vacation

The travel accounts we managed are now traveling for free supported by hotels and airlines.

Fashion & modeling

Models and agencies are seeking our support to generate more visibility on Instagram.

Beauty & make-up

Our service is perfect for people who want to spread their tips and tutorials further.

See our great prices

We have created two packages to perfectly fit your needs. Each package comes with highest quality service and will be delivered by experienced experts. The basic and advanced package only differ in the scope of services. Both services ensure constant and noticable organic grow on your Instagram account. Customers subscribing to the advanced package benefit from extensions to the service that will grow the Instagram account even more and increase the engagement to a whole new level. Our offerings are the greates benefit and best value for your money.

Basic package

  • Grow your Instagram organically
  • Averaging 800 to 4k followers per month
  • Targeted audience
  • Continuous optimization
  • Basic e-mail support
  • Increased engagement utilizing the Karma strategy
  • Individual hashtag analysis and optimization
  • Direct messaging
  • Content creation tips
  • Individual Skype support
$80 / mo Subscribe now

Advanced package

  • Grow your Instagram organically
  • Averaging 800 to 4k followers per month
  • Targeted audience
  • Continuous optimization
  • Prioritized e-mail support
  • Increased engagement utilizing the Karma strategy
  • Individual hashtag analysis and optimization
  • Direct messaging
  • Content creation tips
  • Individual Skype support
$120 / mo Subscribe now

By how many followers will my account grow every month?

As we grow your account organically no exact number of follower can be promised. The number of followers per month varies and depends on content, niche and other variables. However, we can proudly say that we average our clients 1,000 to 3,000 new followers per month.

Are these followers real?

We guarantee that all followers are real people who have chosen to follow your account out of their own will and interest in your content. No fake followers. Period.

Karma strategy:

The latest Instagram algorithm favours especially posts that receive a high engagement from your existing followers. Unfortunately, whenever you post, your post will only appear in a certain amount of feeds of your followers (typically 10%) based on the Instagram feed algorithm. By interacting with your already existing community we are able to help you to increase your reach to your followers. This will result in a boost of the total number of people who end up seeing your content in their feed and as a result increase your engagement and chances to get your post on Instagrams explore page.

Individual hashtag research:

Hashtags are so powerful, and yet still not many people are using them to their full advantage. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right hashtags and it can be quite overwhelming finding the perfect ones for your account. We will find the relevant hashtags for your target audience (180+ hashtags), extract all the needed engagement information, rank them in a tiered structure and create a set-and-forget hashtag strategy. Additionally, you will receive step-by-step instructions so you will know exactly what to do and in what order - perfect if you are just starting out. We wil break down for you each and every step. All you need to do is copy and paste the hashtags and you are good to go. They will grow your followers organically, as well as increase engagement rates.

Customer voices

We were able to help a large number of satisfied customers increase their presence on Instagram to generate more revenue and better business. We successfully delivered our services to a wide range of industries. Our strategies and methodologies are flexible yet highly efficient. We ensure that your presence grows organically and receives a high level of engagement. That is our claim for your success. Listen to what two of our most recent clients have to say about our service:


"Our Instagram grew so much that hotels give us free stay for featuring them in a story."


"This service boosted my fanbase and now I am getting sponsors funding my career."

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